Travelers will Laugh…plus you only get to do one thing at a time

Seasoned travelers will probably laugh at me, but I’ve never done anything like this before.

As I am sorting things to pack and planning the errands I have to run, I’m getting overwhelmed.

  • Get new tires
  • Vaccinate dogs
  • send off any mailings that have to go out
  • Check out electronics and replace
  • Buy new purse
  • finish current assignments, jobs, and interviews
  • Clean car
  • Print maps
  • Print manuscript – or put on thumb drive
  • Make all necessary reservations
  • etc
  • etc
  • etc

The difference between this and other trips I’ve taken is that

  • this is longer
  • it’s totally profession-related
  • it will have a bigger effect on my wip than any other research/trip I’ve done
  • and, yeah, all of the above, all over again

Truthfully, I feel like I’m packing for a sales trip. I’ve acquired a couple plastic boxes for files and electronics and realized there’s a bunch of contingency stuff I have to take, plus some printouts of maps of individual segments of the trip to make.  Did you know, some places – notably Deal’s Gap in the Appalachians, are still not accurately handled by GPS?  They tell you right on their web site that if you follow your GPS, you’ll wind up 16 miles south of where they are! So, paper map it is — and hopefully Google will have it better than GPS, otherwise we get a secondary adventure.

Finally, the only lament I have is that you can only do one thing of this nature at a time. I’ve found a conflict that will probably bug me forever. Another convention that I’d dreamed of going to is taking place at the same time as our trip. Once I was given the grant, I was committed, and poof! there went my dream of the other convention. Ah well, I will probably get more out of this trip because it’s for me personally, than I would at the other. And maybe, just maybe, it’s only a stop along the road for me on the way to these other conventions I’d like to attend.

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