Things keep changin’….

As life progresses, things change.

Currently FINDING SHELLEY’S SHOES is out with beta readers, who will – I hope – lovingly give me feedback about what I need to keep, change, or throw out.

While they are reading, I’m working at getting my Mackenzie Wilder/Classic Boat series books 1 and 2 into print. This involves combing through one more time for any revisions or errors I missed with the ebook publishing, and formatting for print, as well as finding new covers. Book #1 WHERE THE BODIES LIE BURIED is done, TA DA! and can be found here , as well as at and  Ebook versions appear at and

I am blessed and lucky enough to have a photographer husband who took the background photos for the cover. I was also lucky to find a classic boat owner who allowed us to use his boat for the cover image as well.

Currently I am checking out some brick-and-mortar locations to carry the book – local bookstores as well as the gift shops associated with boats, especially vintage boats.

Work progresses on getting Book #2 SWEET CORN. FIELDS, FOREVER into print.

We’re hoping on making it to the Antique Boat Show in Clayton, New York to see more boats, take more pictures, and sell more books.

And then I go to work on revising book #3 FLYING PURPLE PEOPLE SEATER and getting it out as both an ebook and paperbook.

Which brings me to this blog. It is still about finding my story, although now it has shifted to where to find and where I find all my stories. Feel free to ask questions about the process, about what I’m doing, about where I’m headed. Tell me about your writing, too –  or just your reading. Writers and readers are all in this together.

Before I forget, I want to thank the Arts Council of Fayetteville once more for providing me with the Regional Artists Project Grant money to begin this project, and for their personal support as well. There’s nothing more precious to an artist (including literary ones) than to know their work is appreciated.


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